Fall temperatures decreasing to frigid winter temperatures means rodents will be hyperactive in their pursuit of warm shelter. Guess what the first place is their “go to” winter hideaway? Your home, of course! Fortunately, there are effective ways you can protect your home from the triple threat of rodents (they spread disease, they destroy property, and they contaminate food) by doing the following:

  • Seal cracks and crevices leading from the outside of your home to the inside of your home. Rats and mice can squeeze through openings as small as a dime by flattening their bodies. Use appropriate sealant to lock rodents out of your home this winter.
  • Keep bushes and low-hanging tree limbs trimmed, especially branches that extend near or over your home’s roof. A rodent can scurry up a tree, run out to the end of a branch, jump onto your roof and find a way into your home within minutes.
  • Store pet and human food in air-tight containers. Rodents can detect food odors from outside your home, especially if they are running around your home’s foundation, searching for the tiniest crack or crevice you’ve missed sealing.
  • Don’t leave overripe or rotten vegetables in your garden. Once rodents have scavenged your garden for leftovers, they won’t stop there. They’ll head for your house next.

Although these tips help stop rodents from squatting in your home over winter, you may already have rats or mice hiding out in your home but not know it. Signs of a rodent infestation are easily missed because they are often random, small signs we just don’t notice. Droppings, dark smudges along baseboards and chew marks on food packages are just a few signs of a rodent infestation.

Before cold temperature set in, call Critter Control® of Reno today at 775-322-5558 for a complete, professional inspection of your home by trained technicians. Once we’ve cleared your home, you can start winterizing your house against rats, mice and other rodents seeking shelter from cold and snow.

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