Scarecrows have been proven to be ineffective. Installing fencing around your garden doesn’t work because animals just dig under the fence or climb the fence to eat your delicious vegetables. So what does keep wild animals from destroying your garden?

Coffee Grounds

Adding coffee grounds to soil increases acidity and nitrogen, both of which are beneficial to plant growth. Coffee grounds also deter animals, like slugs, cats, deer, and raccoons. They don’t like the smell or the taste.

Unwashed Human Hair

Wild animals do not like human hair for obvious reasons. In addition to acting as an animal repellent, human hair also enriches the soil with nutrients as it degrades. If you want to try this but don’t have enough human hair, ask your local barber if he/she would save hair sweepings. Hair loses its “human” scent after a week or two, so you’ll have to replace it periodically.

Plant Strong-smelling Herbs in Your Garden

Rabbits, deer, and raccoons avoid plants that emit a strong odor, like chives, oregano, yarrow and chives. Plant these herbs in between garden plants to repel hungry pests.

Hot Pepper and Vinegar

Soak shucked corn cobs in plain vinegar for 15 minutes and place them in and around your garden to deter animals. Corn cobs will need to be replaced every two weeks. Sprinkle hot pepper flakes around your plants or douse soil with liquid chile spray to help keep your plants safe from nibbling, digging animals.

If animals are attacking your garden every night, there’s a really good chance they are also trying to find ways into your home in the middle of the night. All wild animals have spectacular olfactory systems and can smell food sources many yards away, even through a building’s walls.

Before pests ruin your vegetable or fruit crop this year and infest your home, call Critter Control® of Reno today at 775-322-5558 for immediate, humane animal-removing services.

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