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With their distinctive look comprised of eight legs, erectile tail with a stinger on the end, and a segmented body with claws, scorpions are enough to make most people feel uneasy. Scorpions can  Scorpions become an indoor problem when they search for a better place to live where food is more readily available. If that place happens to be your home’s interior, a professional should implement exclusion techniques to keep them out, including sealing common entry points.

Scorpions often use the gaps under doors; ground-level windows; gaps around plumbing and ventilation pipes; and cracks or gaps in the foundation to get inside a home. They may also hitch a ride inside boxes, firewood, or outdoor furniture as well.

After gaining entry, scorpions typically hide out in basements, crawl spaces, or hidden areas in the kitchen or garage.

Scorpion Bites

The stinger is the scorpion’s main area of concern, as it contains venom and is the pest’s main defensive mechanism as opposed to an actual bite like most arachnids. All scorpion venom – with one exception – is viewed as being not medically threatening to the average person. Stings may cause swelling at the affected area, and some people experience numbness and convulsions as well. Those who are allergic to scorpion venom should seek medical attention immediately if stung.


Scorpions predominately live in very dry climates, but they are sensitive to losing moisture from their body. This characteristic is why they hide in dark or shady areas during the day. Most of their overall water consumption comes from their prey.

There are 1200 known species of scorpions in the world – all of which are dangerous to a certain degree. Size doesn’t necessarily indicate how dangerous they are, either. Smaller scorpions tend to be more venomous, whereas larger ones make up for their lack of venom by being more formidable and intimidating. If you spot scorpions on your property, do not attempt to exterminate or remove them on your own. Calling a professional pest control company like Critter Control® of Reno is always the safest and most effective option.

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