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Rat Removal

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Critter Control® has built a name as the premier wildlife management company in the Reno area, thanks in large part to our humane, yet effective rat removal services. We are able to quickly getReno - Rat Removal rid of rats on residential or commercial properties while discouraging them from returning in the future, all while keeping you and them safe. Our methods are not only environmentally friendly and fast-acting, they are permanent as well.

Rat Traits

Rats normally are not aggressive towards humans, but they can still pose a serious problem for Reno residents. These critters often gnaw on important wooden structural components or electrical wiring to keep their teeth healthy, and they love taking up residence inside of buildings and creating nests.

These behaviors, combined with the unsanitary nature of rats – and any wild animal – make for a good reason to call for professional removal.

Do I Have a Rat Problem?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you may have rat activity in or around your home or business:

  • Do you smell urine or feces coming from the walls or ceiling?
  • Have you noticed bite marks on walls, cabinets, furniture, or food containers?
  • Have you noticed scraps of paper, cardboard, or foliage inside your home or office?
  • Are there squeaking, scratching, or thumping noises in your walls or ceiling?

If any of the above apply to your situation, consider calling a specialist at 775.322.5558 to schedule a home estimate.

The Critter Control Difference

What sets Critter Control® apart from other wildlife management companies? Our total dedication to the wellbeing of your property. In addition to removing the nuisance rats, our technicians will clean up any messes the critters caused, and can repair any damage so that your property is back to looking its best.

If rats have become an issue on your property, call us today at 775.322.5558 to schedule a consultation.