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Do you think that you hear the sounds of raccoons in the attic, in the garage, or around your home? If you have any reason to believe that raccoons are infesting your home or property, act immediately. Raccoons, curious creatures that they are, can seriously damage your home, so act fast!

What kind of damage can raccoons cause?

There are a lot of concerns surrounding raccoon intrusions, including:

  • Because they are nocturnal creatures, they often make a lot of noise at night
  • They are carriers of rabies, which can be a fatal disease for humans and pets alike
  • Their feces contains parasites, toxic spores, and deadly diseases
  • They are well-adjusted to life with humans, which means they will utilize your shelter and food
  • They are very strong with sharp claws, meaning they can burrow in insulations, vents, and more

Although they may seem harmless at first, they can also be incredibly dangerous when provoked. Do not attempt to catch or remove a raccoon on your own. Get the help of our professional Reno animal removal specialists as soon as you can!