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What Types of Animals Chew on Wires?

Rats, mice, and squirrels are the most common culprits of chewed wires inside or outside a home. The main reason rodents love to chew anything chewable is because they have continuously growing teeth that require constant sharpening, strengthening, and reducing. If a rodent couldn’t chew on hard or semi-hard items, their teeth would actually grow […]

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10 Things That Attract Rats to Your Kitchen

Mice, rats and other rodents do not invade homes for no reason. Equipped with an excellent olfactory system, rats can smell food inside your kitchen just by running around outside your home. Like other wild animals, rodents live to reproduce, survive and consume anything that promotes their survival, no matter how dirty or rotten it […]

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Symptoms of a Sick Raccoon

Some eastern coast states classify raccoons as a rabies vector species. Any animal designated as a RVS means that animal is known to be a carrier of rabies with the potential for transmitting rabies to humans and pets. Rabies is a serious viral disease nearly always fatal to animals and potentially fatal to humans if […]

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Protecting Your Home From Rodents This Winter

Fall temperatures decreasing to frigid winter temperatures means rodents will be hyperactive in their pursuit of warm shelter. Guess what the first place is their “go to” winter hideaway? Your home, of course! Fortunately, there are effective ways you can protect your home from the triple threat of rodents (they spread disease, they destroy property, […]

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How to Keep Wild Animals Out of Your Garden

Scarecrows have been proven to be ineffective. Installing fencing around your garden doesn’t work because animals just dig under the fence or climb the fence to eat your delicious vegetables. So what does keep wild animals from destroying your garden? Coffee Grounds Adding coffee grounds to soil increases acidity and nitrogen, both of which are […]

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