Mice, rats and other rodents do not invade homes for no reason. Equipped with an excellent olfactory system, rats can smell food inside your kitchen just by running around outside your home. Like other wild animals, rodents live to reproduce, survive and consume anything that promotes their survival, no matter how dirty or rotten it is!

10 Things That Attract Rats to Kitchens – And It’s Not Always Food!

  1. Allowing unwashed dishes to sit in your sink or on countertops
  2. Leaving flour, sugar and other commodities in paper bags (put them in metal or glass containers to prevent rats from chewing holes in paper containers)
  3. Neglecting to regularly clean under refrigerators, stoves and other appliances (rodents can easily survive on crumbs the size of a pinhead)
  4. Not repairing minor water leaks (easy access to food AND water is a rat’s dream come true)
  5. Leaving ripe vegetables and fruits in your backyard garden (by attracting rodents close to your home, they’ll get whiffs of even more enticing odors that draw them into your kitchen)
  6. Neglecting to keep your lawn mowed and weeds picked (untended lawns are ideal places for rodents to make nests and raise litters)
  7. Keeping your lawn and living spaces overly cluttered (the more things you have lying around your yard and inside your home, the more places for rats to hide)
  8. Neglecting to thoroughly clean and deodorize past rodent infestations (familiarity attracts rats, mice and other rodents that urinate to mark their territory. If you have previously experienced a rodent infestation and think you may have another one, call a professional exterminator to fully sanitize your home)
  9. Leaving exterior holes and cracks uncovered (rats and mice can slip through holes less than 1/2 inch in diameter)
  10. Having tree limbs hanging over your kitchen’s roof area (rodents are expert climbers and acrobats in addition to professionals at finding tiny crevices in which to slip through)

If you see one rat or mice sniffing around your kitchen, you’ve probably got dozens more scurrying throughout your home. Call Critter Control® of Reno today at 775-322-5558 for expert removal of rats, mice and other rodents.

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