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We Proudly Offer CritterSafe IPM Practices

At Critter Control of Reno, we proudly feature CritterSafe IPM Practices, which offers options that are more human for wildlife protection, control, removal, and even land management. Our residential animal removal and wildlife control specialists are experts in the industry and offer trustworthy services to help you rid your home of pests in a manner that is humane and ethical.

We minimize stress on critters through practices that feature:

CritterSafe IPM Practices

  • Non-Lethal Methods
  • No-Trap Devices
  • Release On-Site Practices
  • One-Way Door Cages

CritterSafe IPM Practices also include services such as our exclusive Animal Entry Worksheet home inspection and detection services. When you work with us, our Reno certified wildlife specialists will come to your home to identify potential entry points where critters could be entering and damaging your home. If we do determine that there are structural issues, we can help you address them through preventative measures.

Humane Practices from Certified Animal Removal Specialists in Reno

At Critter Control, we understand and respect animals, as well as their contribution to the ecosystem. For instance, we know that most people fear animals such as bats, snakes, and insects—but we also know that they are critical to the natural environment. As such, we respect them throughout the removal process and we perform our services in such a way that it will not affect the local ecosystem’s integrity.

If you have a critter problem in the Reno area, we encourage you to contact our animal removal specialists as soon as possible. We can utilize our CritterSafe IPM practices and employ effective tactics to get the job done.

Are you ready to schedule your animal removal service? Do not hesitate to contact the specialists from Critter Control of Reno! We have more than 30 years of experience and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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