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Hear critters running around in your attic or crawl space? Concerned that you have a wildlife problem due to some structural issues? Its time to call on Critter Control! Our team of animal removal specialists in Reno can take care of your wildlife concerns in no time. We offer restorative and preventative services that help eliminate current and future risk of infestation.

Our company prides itself on providing top-quality services to homeowners throughout the area, including Carson City and Sparks. We have been in the critter control business for 30 years and were named Franchise of the Year in 2011. Not only that, but all our work is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, something that no other competitor in the industry can match!

Let us get started on your attic and crawl space restoration today! Give us a call or schedule an appointment at any time.

Restoring Safety & Peace of Mind in Your Home

At Critter Control, we understand how important it is to keep your home clean and clear of any wildlife or animal problems. Often, this starts with keeping your own property in top condition. The more sound your home structure is, the less likely critters are going to get in. With our attic and crawl space restoration services, your worries can be put to rest.

Rats and rodents commonly infest these areas, leaving droppings and dangerous disease pathogens in your crawl space or attic. That is why it takes our Reno animal removal experts to get your property back up to code!

We can assist you with the following areas:

  • Removing any rodents or wildlife present
  • Cleaning up any waste or debris
  • Restoring damaged areas and structural issues
  • Sanitizing and deodorizing the space
  • Repairing and replacing insulation, vents, and heat ducts
  • Closing off or screening any unwanted entry points

When you get us on the job, we go through a detailed report to ensure we handle each and every step in the restoration process. Our team makes sure that your attic or crawl space is not only restored, but looking better than before!

Call us today to set up a free inspection*! We look forward to helping you restore your property and eliminate your critter concerns.

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