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Dangers of Squirrels

Posted By Critter Control of Reno || 14-Mar-2016

You can often find squirrels scurrying up trees and rummaging through the grass. They are a natural part of our landscape, a common sight. In fact, their soft, small demeanor charms most individuals. But while they may seem adorable, they can do more damage and harm than most expect. To help inform you of the trouble these little critters can cause, we have compiled a list.

Danger to Humans

Like most animals who live out in the wild, squirrels can carry bacteria and rabies. They also may have fleas or ticks that can transfer to humans. If one bites you, it is important that you wash your hands with soap and water and seek medical attention. We encourage you not to feed squirrels, as it puts your health in danger and encourages them to beg for food.

Danger to Homes

Squirrels have a bad habit of chewing on many things, one of the primary being your wires. If a squirrel enters your home, they may start biting cords and fraying the protective covering. Not only does this cause electrical damage but it can be a fire hazard. Protect your house from squirrels by removing them from your residence.

Danger to Pets

Much like their interaction with humans, squirrels can pose similar risks for pets. Because animals process ticks and rabies differently, the damage will vary. In addition, squirrels are particularly annoying when you have birds. They will get into the feeders and scare off other birds.

Danger to Plants

Did you spend all spring planting beautiful gardens and delicious vegetables? If yes, you should hope that squirrels do not find them. These creatures are notorious for chewing and digging up vegetation. Placing wire fences and mesh around your plants can help protect them from potential harm.

Though they are adorable, do not let the squirrels fool you into thinking they are innocent. They are unwelcome guests in your home that you need to evict. If squirrels have entered your home, contact our animal removal team at Critter Control in Reno.

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