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Ways to Check for Rats

Posted By Critter Control of Reno || 8-Feb-2016

Rats are the ugly stepsiblings in the rodent family. While most people consider mice adorable, they do not extend the same sentiments to the rat family. This is for good reason, considering the dangers that rats can bring. They bring bacteria, disease, and pollution into the home. They can cause harmful viruses such as the flu and Hantavirus. The rats usually sneak into the home through small cracks, crevices, and openings in the home. Once in, they usually beeline for the kitchen and corridors where there is food. But how can you tell if you have rats for sure? We have listed some ways for you to investigate.


At night, you might here soft, scratching noises coming through the walls. Maybe a small pitter, patter in the pantry. Once dark, open the lights in a room you suspect the rat to be in. If you hear scurrying sounds, more than likely, you have rats in your home. You should also listen for any gnawing sounds, as this too can be an indicator.


There are many signs of rats in your home you can look for. Check your wires, any wrapped packaging, and boxes for chew marks. Move your furniture to see if you have any openings from which the rats can enter. Also look in pantries and wall corners to if you find any fresh droppings. These would all mean that there are rats in the home.


For a more proactive investigation, place a small dusting of flour or powder around the area you suspect the rats to walk through. There will be pawmarks or movement of the dust if the rats walked by. In a similar vein, place a small pile of food and see if it gets touched.

If you believe you have rats in your home, do not try to handle the problem by yourself. Rats can be harmful, particularly if you try to hold them yourself. They can bite, which can cause serious health risks. Instead, contact our Critter Control animal removal team in Reno. We offer free inspections to make sure you have a rat problem. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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