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3 Dangers of Having Raccoons in Your Home

Posted By Critter Control of Reno || 22-Feb-2016

When someone mentions raccoons, the most likely image to pop up is a cute, cuddly animal. One might think of the little sidekick from Pocahontas or think of the mascot for a cereal. However, while raccoons may be attractive as an idea, they are not as innocent in real life. Having raccoons in your home can expose you and your house to unwarranted dangers that can be prevented. We highlight some of the negative effects caused by raccoons.

Property Damage

Raccoons are scavengers. They rummage through their surroundings, unable to rest until they find what they are looking for. If you have gardens or trees that you painstakingly planted and care for, you need to be careful. Raccoons do not give a second thought to damaging your plants in search of food. Moreover, if the animals get into your home, they can cause harm to not only your furniture and décor, but also your electrical wires and lines.

Danger to Your Pets

Pets are a part of our family. We love them and take care of them. Raccoons can pose a threat to your pets. They are wild creatures who are not afraid to retaliate if they feel threatened. Small dogs and cats are particularly in danger against raccoons, because the latter can viciously attack the pets and might even kill them. Protect your pets by extracting raccoons from your home.


Rabies is the most common disease associated with raccoons. If you come into contact with the animal, you will need to go to the hospital immediately and get rabies shots. It is a threat you can avoid if you remove the raccoon from your house.

Raccoons can transmit disease through their urine and feces, which they can leave around your house. If the animal has roundworms, their feces can have the eggs that can harm you. In addition to rabies, raccoons can cause leptospirosis or roundworms.

At Critter Control of Reno, we understand how important our family’s health and your home is. That is why, if you have raccoons in your home, you must remove them. Our animal removal team can help. We use humane practices to trap the raccoons and extract them from your home. Contact us today to have a rodent free home.

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