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Preventing Animals in Your Home During the Spring

Posted By Critter Control of Reno || 1-Apr-2016

mice in breadAs the spring season comes into bloom, you may hear the birds chirping, see the flowers blossoming, and feel a sense of renewal. As people start cautiously stepping outdoors to test the warmer weather, so do the animals. At Critter Control, we receive more calls about squirrels in attics, raccoons in trashcans, and mice scurrying under the house in the spring.

Reasons you may see an increase in animal activity in the spring include:

  • This is the season where animals usually search for a mate. Part of why the quintessential bird chirping occurs is because they are searching for partners.
  • With the mating calls comes babies. Animals will lay their eggs and have their children during the spring because of the climate.
  • This is the time that hibernation ends and animals can forage for food.
  • Animals will look for homes and nests for their families.

While you see these animals strolling out, one thing you should worry about is them finding a way into your home. Luckily, you can take simple steps to avoid having some uninvited guests! (Too bad it doesn’t work on some humans.)

Ways to prevent critters from getting into your house this spring are:

  • Check for gaps or holes in your home – One of the easiest ways to prevent animals from entering your house is to cover entrances. Often, the screen to the basement or under the house may have a hole, which allows the critters access inside. Cover it up, so they can’t get in.
  • Protect your crops – The animals are just as excited as you are about your blooming garden. If you planted vegetables or fruit, make sure to protect them with the appropriate covering to keep animals like squirrels and raccoons from harming them.
  • Don’t leave food out in or outside of your house – You don’t want to make the critters’ hunt for food easier by leaving food out in the open. They can smell it and will come into the house or forage through trashcans to get it.

If you are experiencing trouble with unwanted rodents in your home, contact our Reno animal removal team. We use humane methods to extract these unwanted guests. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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