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Venomous or not, snakes can be a nuisance. If you notice snakes on your property, however, you shouldn’t take matters into your own hands. Critter Control specializes in snake control and removal, so you can trust that we will handle the job right the first time.

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Critter Control: Keeping Your Home Safe & Secure

Although most ground snakes are usually harmless and non-venomous, you should never assume so. If you have snakes around your home or business, it is highly recommended that you let a removal specialist from Critter Control handle the problem. Not knowing how to properly handle, remove or dispose of a snake could lead to serious injury, or even death. For this reason, we encourage you to find out how the Reno animal removal specialists at Critter Control can effectively, safely, and humanely rid your property of snakes.

Critter Control®: Your Choice for Wildlife and Pest Removal

When it comes to snakes, you should never try to take matters into your own hands. When you contact a professional at Critter Control, we will respond quickly to remove the snake from your property. If necessary, we may even establish safeguards to prevent more snakes from returning. Don’t put yourself, or your family, at risk! Contact our residential animal control team today to learn more about our services.

Not only are our services backed by a limited lifetime warranty, but we even offer free inspections!*

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Animal Removal Experts Serving Reno, Sparks & Carson City

Snakes are an important part of the local ecosystem. As predators, they control the spread of harmful pests. This is why Critter Control practices safe, humane and effective snake removal and relocation, keeping with best practices for animal removal.

Critter Control can handle all aspects of snake removal, including:

  • Removing poisonous snakes from your home or place of business
  • Implementing preventative measures that can limit future infestations
  • Ridding your property of debris or gaps that may attract more snakes
  • Locating entry points or possible entry points for snakes
If you have snakes on your property, you should seek the help of a professional before trying to handle it on your own. Let our removal experts determine the best possible solution by scheduling a snake removal service online.

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